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Whether you have just started your own research group, or you have been part of the science enterprise for years - taking care of your IT and Data Management needs can be a complicated and daunting task. At Data Curators, we believe in two things: Your IT and Data Management must be supported by experienced professionals and Your digital innovation and transformation will revolutionize scientific research and its (future) application domains.

Algorithm Valorisation

We enter into an exclusive license agreement for software developed by your group. By selling derivative products and services we increase usage and generate income. Part of the revenue will flow back to your lab and to your organisation. As an example see TIDE/R.

Data Cooperative LabSpace

Together with you and your partners, we set up a data cooperative and a digital lab space. Within this environment, your scientists and staff work and collaborate cost-effectively in compliance with legal, ethical and data sharing frameworks. Learn more!

We Share Success

Messages from our partners

My group has confidently chosen Data Curators for the distribution of two key algorithms developed in my lab, TIDE and TIDER. It is their bioinformatic and engineering backgrounds combined with excellent and professional services, which makes them our perfect partner

- Bas van Steensel, Principle Investigator, NKI

hese are smart guys that know what they are doing. They are making TIDE and TIDER widely available through a free-to-use service, and via commercial services that meet more extensive requirements of organisations.

- Koen Verhoef, Manager TTO, NKI

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